First Year: Class of 2025

Welcome to 1st-year residents page. Click our names below to learn more about us:

Josephine Gable, MD

  University of Minnesota Medical School

 Name a topic in medicine, and it will likely spark some curiosity in me. Mostly I enjoy seeing a variety of people throughout my day! I particularly enjoy community medicine, procedures, acute care, prenatal care, well child visits, and regular adult check-ups where I can spend some time getting to know my patients better.

I love Duluth Family Medicine Residency for their mission of training broad-spectrum family medicine physicians with a strong emphasis on community medicine, acute care and inpatient training. I have had my eye on this residency since starting medical school in Duluth long ago! I am confident that I will receive an education that will prepare me for serving rural, northern Minnesota and that I will build numerous connections with other physicians in the area that will also be a resource for me and my future patients. Plus, I will love waking up to Lake Superior every day!

Elena Jaffer, MD

 University of Washington School of Medicine

Sarah Kinsey, MD

 University of Utah School of Medicine

Austin Pickup, MD

 University of Minnesota Medical School

Full-spectrum family medicine, obstetrics, preventative care, and mental health.

I love hiking, biking, snowboarding, video games, and playing with my new puppy, Jenga.

Duluth has a reputation for being a well-rounded and challenging residency. I knew I wanted to learn how to do everything I could in these short years, and Duluth stood out to me. It also helps that the gorgeous city offers plenty of outdoor access, and it is one of the closest programs to my family in the Twin Cities.

Megan Sandberg, MD

 Western Michigan University School of Medicine

I love anything to do with water including sailing, paddle boarding, scuba diving, walking on the beach with my dog, and swimming. I also love to bake desserts and bread, read a good book, paint, and try new restaurants and breweries with friends and family.

Duluth provides an excellent education in the areas that I am most interested in: rural medicine, women’s health and obstetrics, procedures, and medical education. Not only will I gain the training that I need, but the views of Lake Superior and the supportive and welcoming resident community are unbeatable.

Rachel Seiler, MD

 Medical College of Wisconsin

Full-spectrum family practice, rural health, obstetrics, and women’s care, in-office procedures, dermatology, allergy, and adolescent medicine.

This program has a longstanding history of training full-spectrum family physicians with strengths in rural medicine and obstetrics. I knew that this program would provide me with the experience and training necessary to feel confident treating patients of all ages and to do obstetrics in more rural settings. The residents and faculty are passionate people excited about family medicine and caring for this community. It certainly helps that the North Shore is a beautiful area with access to the outdoors year-round!

Molly Vail, MD

 University of Minnesota Medical School

I am interested in full-spectrum family medicine including caring for those of all ages. I really enjoy women’s health, addiction medicine, chronic disease management, and preventative medicine.

I enjoy spending time at my family cabin where I like to go pontooning and enjoy reading a good book with a cup of coffee overlooking the lake. I also enjoy taking my two dogs, Drake and Louie, for walks, cooking, trying new restaurants, playing board games, and spending time with friends and family.

I chose the Duluth Family Medicine Residency for many reasons. First, I lived in Duluth for the first two years of medical school and I loved the idea of returning. My fiancé also lives and works only one hour from Duluth, so the location was ideal for us to be as close as possible during these three years of residency. In addition to the location, I also chose Duluth for the full-spectrum training opportunities and the down-to-earth and welcoming faculty and residents. I was lucky enough to complete a rotation with the Duluth residency during medical school and following that, I knew it was the place where I wanted to be. Duluth felt like home, and I am very excited and feel very lucky to have the opportunity to complete residency with the Duluth program.

Jacob Wilcox, MD

 Medical College of Wisconsin

Running, lifting, camping, hiking, downhill skiing, Nordic skiing, dogs, and woodworking.

Duluth has an excellent training program for family practice. It offers extensive learning opportunities mixed with a welcoming community of doctors and residents. In addition, Duluth and the North Shore is a truly amazing place to live. Duluth has been a part of my life since I was little. I love the area, and I love the people that call this place home.