First Year: Class of 2022

Welcome to the 1st-year residents page. Click our names below to learn more about us:

Jill Golobich, MD

 University of Minnesota School of Medicine (Duluth/Minneapolis)

  Rural, broad spectrum family medicine, OB and women’s health, sports medicine, in-office procedures, and geriatrics

Reading mystery novels, spending time on a lake with family and friends, restoring old furniture, baking and cooking new recipes, and being in the outdoors walking our mini-goldendoodle, hiking, and kayaking in the summer, while ice fishing and skating in the winter.

  I choose the Duluth residency program for many reasons, particularly for the strong full spectrum, rural focused training that Duluth is well known for, the high-volume obstetrical training, the down-to-earth, hard-working residents who I had great experiences with through rotations in medical school, and of course, Duluth’s location in beautiful Northern Minnesota.

Elaina Hintsala Fronden, MD


University of Minnesota School of Medicine,

I chose to pursue a career in family medicine because I love the full spectrum of care we’re able to provide. From prenatal care and pediatrics to acute care and chronic illness management, I love the variety in every day’s schedule. I particularly enjoy obstetrics, women’s health, preventative medicine and geriatrics. I intend to put these passions into practice in rural or underserved communities

First and foremost, I know Duluth will best prepare me for a future practicing full-spectrum family medicine. I wanted a strong training in inpatient medicine, obstetrics, and emergency medicine, as well as a good foundation in clinic. Second, I wanted to train where I hope to practice. I am passionate about serving northern Minnesota and wanted to train in this region. Finally, I am from Duluth (Denfeld Class of 2010!), and love the idea of giving back to my community. I hope to get involved in community service during my three years at DFMR.

Christopher Hughes, MD

University of Minnesota School of Medicine (Duluth/Minneapolis)

While I have interest in all aspects of Family Medicine, I particularly enjoy Obstetrics and Women’s Health, Pediatrics, Child and Adolescent Mental Health and Urgent Care/Emergent Care. I love to work with people of various cultures, ethnicities and socioeconomic backgrounds.

I enjoy spending time with my family. I have a dog who keeps us busy outdoors along with biking. I like to tinker with different projects and do handyman type things around the house/garage. My wife and I also like to try our hand at cooking new things.

I chose Duluth because of the amazing faculty/residents and top notch training. I wanted a program that could prepare me to be a very competent rural doctor. Duluth offers broad full spectrum With heavy OB, which I wanted. I did my undergrad at Scholastica and started medical school at the Duluth campus. It felt like a natural fit during my rotations In Duluth. I also worked with many doctors during RPAP who were former Duluth grads who all recommended the program. It was an ideal city for my wife too. We both felt like this was the program that we were meant for.

Jordan Kaczor, MD


niversity of Minnesota School of Medicine

Full-spectrum family medicine, rural medicine, procedures, OB, emergency medicine

Outdoor activities including hunting, fishing, and trapping. All sports with a particularly obsession with Minnesota professional and collegiate teams. Music and antique tractors

This program is well known for its rigorous, well-rounded training that prepares residents to practice broad spectrum family medicine with particular strengths in rural medicine and OB. These fundamentals aligned well with my career goals and my interactions with the residents and faculty made it clear that this program was a perfect fit. I am also from rural Northern Minnesota and went to medical school in beautiful Duluth so geographically this was also my dream destination.

Laura Lhotka, MD

  University of Minnesota School of Medicine (Duluth/Minneapolis)

Burton Masem, MD

  George Washington School of Medicine

  Generalism, socially equitable medicine, diagnostic reasoning, obstetrics, procedures, geriatrics, ultrasound

Science fiction and fantasy books, making and listening to music, environmental sustainability, board games that aren’t Monopoly, martial arts, being outside, learning how things work, trying new things

In light of the pressures on generalist physicians to narrow their scope of practice, I was deliberate about choosing a residency that could make good on the promise of full-spectrum family medicine training. Duluth Family Medicine seemed well positioned to deliver this, being a long-standing, unopposed, academically affiliated program with particularly robust obstetrics, inpatient, and emergency medicine training. It is also full of kind people, surrounded by natural beauty, and in my favorite state!

Stephen Palmquist, MD

University of Minnesota School of Medicine (Minneapolis)

My medical interests include all thing full-scope family medicine including inpatient and outpatient medicine I am also interested in healthcare administration and designing the systems that deliver care to a community. I hope to combine these interests in my future career

My favorite hobbies revolve around being outdoors with my wife. This includes hiking, backpack camping, running, and kayaking. I also enjoy learning about history and traveling

Alexandra Sauer, MD

University of Minnesota School of Medicine

Full-scope family medicine, rural medicine, obstetrics, women’s health, pediatrics, hospital medicine.

I chose Duluth for residency because of the program’s focus on training residents for full-spectrum, rural family medicine as well as their high-risk obstetrical training. Not only does Duluth have the training I desire, it also has an incredible group of people within the program. I had the opportunity to work alongside the residents, staff, and faculty during medical school and knew that these were the people I wanted to work with for the next three years. I am very excited and honored to be able to do my residency in Duluth.

Nicholas Velasquez, MD

  Howard University School of Medicine

I am interested in full spectrum family medicine, healthcare in rural settings, clinic procedures, and working with under-served populations

Reading has always been my favorite pastime, and I particularly enjoy pursuing interests in history, English literature, and various strains of modern fiction. I also enjoy listening to music from various cultures around the world, as I find that there is something in the poetry and passion of music that is invaluable to learning about new perspectives and expanding one’s ability to understand and connect with others. Being in Duluth, I look forward to taking advantage of the natural beauty that the region has to offer, and hope to be able to take up canoeing

  As a result of my background, I have always been deeply inspired by physicians who work with under-served communities, particularly in rural settings. I knew that I wanted to emulate this model of medicine, and found that the Duluth Family Medicine Residency Program provided an opportunity to train with people who are deeply committed to precisely this mission. My interaction with the residents and faculty leaves me with no doubt that everyone involved with the program shares the values of inter-cultural respect, community support, and patient-centered healthcare, which I hold dear.