Education & Innovation

Ultrasound Training

We have received a generous grant from both supporting hospital foundations to purchase a new ultrasound machine for our clinic. We offer on-site training and formal didactics in using ultrasound for advancing patient care.

C-Section Training

The Duluth Family Medicine Residency Program offers additional experience in surgical obstetrics to qualified PGY3 residents. There is a selection process for those who apply for this training opportunity. This longitudinal training elective has a goal of 50 independent c-sections. There are OB preceptors for this training program at both Essentia Health – St. Mary’s and St. Luke’s Hospital training sites.

Community Involvement

As a member of the Health and Homeless committee, a community wide committee to address the social determinants of health, our residency program provides care at the local shelter, CHUM. Dr. Jamie Conniff serves as the chair of this committee. It is our goal to establish trusting relationships with guests of CHUM enabling us to provide them appropriate care. Through other relationships, we are able to work with the Center for Addiction and Drug Treatment in addressing the issues of addiction and with Lutheran Social Service to address the issues of homeless youth in our area.


We are the proud recipient of a few grants. Dr. Becky Davies has received an award of $16,500 to start a respite care program, the first of its kind in this community with 4 community partners. Dr. Jesse Susa has a grant of $1000 to establish a sock exchange program at CHUM. Dr. Lisa Prusak has a $1000 grant to provide silver diamine fluoride treatment to those with no opportunity for dental care for treatment of decay.